Antonia Bär

Antonia grew up in a tiny village near Hanau, Hessen (central Germany). She has studied improv and sketch with Hive Improv Berlin and taken numerous workshops with teachers from UCB New York and Los Angeles. Currently she is working on her Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Latin American studies with a focus on performance anthropology (which she has managed to make almost entirely about improv).She is a co-founder of Hanau-based theatre group awesomeble, where she has acted in and directed several plays. In Berlin she can be seen performing with Cuter than Hedgehogs, Wagner & Bär, The Weird Show, and as moustachioed scientist Howard Noughts.

As a native German speaker, Antonia is still wondering about the correct way to respond to a person saying “Na?” as a form of greeting

Andrea Björk

Andrea is a cartoonist, comedian and director from Reykjavík, Iceland. She is a Hyper Island alumni with a degree in Motion Creative, the art of communicating ideas through the medium of film and animation. She started doing improv in 2016, studying with long-form improv theater company Improv Iceland before moving to Berlin and forming the improv group Great Grandkids! In 2017 she expanded her activities into sketch and stand-up comedy.

Andrea constantly wonders if American women really do all have sex in their bra and nothing else, like in the movies and she constantly ponders how exactly one can seize the means of production in a digital age.

Caroline Clifford

Caroline is a comedian and improviser from London, England. She first
took the comedy stage in 2006. As an Improvisor she is 1/3 of the all lady group Cunt Hammer and 1/2 of Curmudgeons. She coproduces one of the longest running open mic’s in Berlin, We are Not Gemüsed. She regularly teaches stand up and produces several shows around Berlin.  As she puts it:  A regular face in many shows.

Caroline ponders many things and can quite often be seen perusing the aisles of her favourite supermarket Aldi.

Matilde Keizer


Matilde grew up on the cobblestone streets of Rome basking in the ancient sun. She studied theatre at the Tisch School of Artsat New York University. After graduating Matilde was seen in off-broadway productions and indie theatre in addition to studying improvisation at the Treehouse and the PIT. Since moving to Berlin Matilde has studied with Hive Improv and many UCB teachers. She can be seen performing at Comedy Café Berlin  with ComedySportz, Cuter than Hedgehogs, GRILL TALK, The Weird Show, Et. al. 

Matilde is still wondering how illegal it is to open a butcher shop in her own home, and whether surviving on salami alone is possible.

Marisa Llamas

Marisa sprouted in Burbank, California, and continued to ripen along the west coast in San Diego and San Francisco before moving to Berlin, Germany. She studied Visual Arts and Economics at UC San Diego, where she also performed regularly with FOOSH, a short-form improv team. She has dabbled in classes at UCBLA and Groundlings, and now continues to play and learn at Comedy Café Berlin. She played with Berlin Mega Troupe Yesundheit at DCM16 in New York, and is up to 50% of Carl Me Maybe, the current champions of the August Offensive, Berlin’s first improv cage match. She will join the first ever Slapdash International Cast in London later this year.

Marisa often wonders when or if she will return to Los Angeles, the city that feels most like a missed connection post on Craigslist.

Nicole Ratjen

Nicole was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. Her improv career started early with competing at the Canadian Improv Games and after receiving her degree in theatre from York University in Toronto, Nicole furthered her training at Le École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She has performed and worked across Canada, throughout Europe and around Australia.   Nicole is currently based in Berlin and can be seen regularly onstage with Comedysportz Berlin and Goodluck, Barbara

Nicole wonders what it would be like to be a jellyfish without eyes and truly what does the bottom of the ocean look like.

Janina Rook

Janina smashes the comedy stages of Berlin, Copenhagen, and New York as one third of Cunt Hammer. Sometimes she even writes for German web and TV. She was born in Berlin and studies improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, New York, and at Hive Improv, Berlin.